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Her Trails 10km - 8 Week Program

Step bravely into a transformative running journey with our 10km program. 

  • Whether you are new to running, returning after a break, or looking to run your fastest 10km, we've got you covered. We meet you at where you are at. Not where you were yesterday, last year or next month...where you are now!
  • By integrating running with strength and mobility workouts, we build a strong foundation for your 10km goal, ensuring your well-being and longevity both on and off the trails.
  • Our program gradually increases from 90 minutes to 3.5 hours per week (inclusive of run, strength, mobility, mindset, coaching call), with 3 to 4 run sessions.
  • We empower you with mental strength tools and provide continuous education on recovery and nutrition.
  • Recognising your unique needs, we guide you through weekly coaching sessions & resources to tailor the program, assisting you in prioritising sessions.

This program is designed for ALL women.  


Your Program Building Blocks 

Run Programming

Experience a gradual and safe progression in your training with our proven system designed to prevent injuries and enhance your performance, longevity and wellbeing. Our program combines a variety of training sessions, including base mile, speed, hill, threshold, active recovery sessions, and long runs workouts. Expect 3-4 run sessions per week. 

Weekly Trail Time

Elevate your experience  with our weekly episodes covering essential topics. From technique and gear to support systems, recovery, and safety, we provide valuable insights to enrich your trail journey and apply its wisdom in your everyday routine. 


Run Specific Strength

Build strength, resilience, and longevity with our weekly 20-50 minute at-home strength videos. Activate, stabilise, and train your body through targeted exercises that enhance your running performance and help prevent injuries. 


Mobility & Yoga

Enhance your body's mobility and unlock its full range of motion with our weekly 10-25 minute mobility or yoga sessions. Address imbalances, combat physical stress, and alleviate fatigue as you give your body the freedom to move and perform at its best.


Coaching Support

Our weekly coaching sessions provide a dedicated space to address your progress, challenges, and modifications. We believe in the power of personalised support, and our coaches are here to guide you through your journey, offering valuable insights and motivation. Whether you need advice on adjusting your training plan, overcoming obstacles, or getting back on track, we're committed to helping you reach your goals.


Community Platform

A place where you'll find unwavering support, guidance, and inspiration from coaches and fellow Her Trail Members. Join a network of incredible women who are balancing daily responsibilities while pursuing their goals, building resilience, self-reliance, and inner strength. Together, we'll uplift and empower each other on this transformative trail running journey.


Life Hub & Expert Team

Empower yourself on your trail running journey with the Her Trails Life Hub. Our expert team is here to provide comprehensive support across multiple areas, including physical therapy, nutrition guidance, and women's health resources. This spans from during our coaching class and via the Life Hub, which is a growing repository of resources. 


Weekly Newsletter

Stay informed and inspired on your 10km training journey with our weekly newsletter, designed to support and uplift you every step of the way. Each edition is packed with valuable insights, including detailed explanations of the upcoming training sessions, key focus areas for the week, and targeted advice to help you optimise your performance and training journey.


We understand that starting a new running journey.... 

or getting back into it can feel daunting, but we're here to assure you that you're not alone. Our program offers a welcoming and supportive environment where you'll find a community of like-minded individuals who are on similar paths. We are here to help you believe in your potential.

No matter your background, experience, or current circumstances, we're here to meet you where you are and guide you towards your 10km goals. Our team is dedicated to providing support and expert guidance, ensuring that you feel empowered and accountable.


"I can’t believe the 10km program is already over!! I have loved the HerTrails holistic approach to the program and I am impressed with how much I improved within the 8 weeks. I ended up doing a 12km play day on Saturday as I am doing Run the Rock (13.5km) in three weeks time. I haven’t had any knee pain throughout the whole program and I’m very grateful for the ongoing support from not only the HerTrails team but all of you amazing ladies that did this adventure with me. I had a great last week and my goal is to do the 21.1km program in the lead up to the Bondi to Manly Ultra relay in October."


"I tackled my 10km at the John Wayne True Grit race in Pioneertown, CA, last Saturday, an incredible adventure in the Sawtooth mountains. The challenging terrain, filled with rocks, sand, water crossings, and altitudes over 4000 feet, put me to the test. Despite the unexpected difficulty of the course, I noticed a significant improvement in my strength, especially in my legs and hips. I had some difficulty with the high altitude and sandy terrain, yet, I completed the race with a better time than expected. The Her Trails 10km program played a critical role in my preparation, and I truly believe it was instrumental in my success on race day. I was ready and stronger than ever, and for that, I am incredibly grateful."


Can’t believe our program is almost at an end 😮
Enjoyed my long run at the lake trail today. Was proud of myself- I didn’t walk this time! Slow and steady! Had a dip afterwards, and I even saw a Shingleback on the way home- really rare to find around our area. Was absolutely stoked!


"I ended up doing another play day on Saturday and ran 10km on the trails. There was a lot of mud, creek crossings and tree roots to contend with, but so happy I kept my feet rubber side down. I’m steadily becoming more confident on technical terrain and sure coach Bec’s strength and stability workouts have saved me from a fall or 2 🙏 I’ve loved that this program has kickstarted my running journey again and is propelling me forward injury free. Recovery today was cold water soak in a rainforest creek to soothe sore muscles before putting on a heavier pack next week in preparation for the Grampians Peak Trail."


"Wow, the Her Trails 10km program was great to be a part of! I've always been somewhat fit but would never feel comfortable running a straight 10km. I would always push too hard, have no control of my running pace and end up burning out. After the 8 weeks I can now comfortably run 10km with ease, controlled pace and I feel great post run. Highly recommend 👍"

~ Rommi


10km Program - Upfront Payment


price in AUD


  • $28 per week  (excluding GST)

  • 8 Weekly Building Blocks (as above)

  • Available worldwide

  • Available anytime

  • Non-refundable after 7 days

  • Price is GST inclusive

For Existing Her Trails Members


price in AUD


  • Offer ONLY available to Her Trails Members

  • Available worldwide 

  • Available anytime

  • Non-refundable

  • Price is GST inclusive

Annual Membership with option to purchase 10km program at member price


price in AUD

Membership + Program $682

Option to purchase 10km 8 week program at special member price -  SAVE $136

Annual Membership exclusive benefits:

  • Run specific strength, mobility,  pilates & yoga, member-only HT hat, discounted programs, weekly newsletters, community platform, Member-only podcast, Her Trails resource life hub and expert team
  • Available worldwide
  • Listed price is GST inclusive (non-refundable)