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Run The Forest (Rotorua) - 21km - 12 Week Program

Event Date: 10th August 
Program Begins: 20th May


Our 12-week program for the Run The Forest (Rotorua) 21km event is designed with a holistic approach, integrating run programming, strength and mobility training, mindset development, weekly coaching sessions, and nutrition guidance. This comprehensive framework prepares you for the unique demands of running through Rotorua's geothermal landscapes and dense forests.

Run Programming: our run programming focuses on building endurance and speed, with workouts designed to simulate the conditions you'll face on race day.

Strength and Mobility: A core component of our program, strength and mobility training ensures your body is resilient and agile, reducing the risk of injury and improving your running efficiency. Exercises are targeted to enhance your power and flexibility, crucial for navigating the varied terrain of the Rotorua course.

Mindset Development: Mental toughness and a positive mindset are essential for the challenges of a 21km trail race. Our program includes strategies for building mental resilience, focusing on goal setting, stress management, and maintaining motivation, ensuring you're mentally prepared for race day.

Weekly Coaching Sessions: Regular coaching sessions provide personalised feedback, allowing you to adjust your training based on performance and progress. These sessions are key to staying on track and addressing any concerns or questions that arise during your preparation.

Nutrition Guidance: Proper nutrition is vital for endurance training and recovery. Our program offers nutrition guidance tailored to your training needs, including meal planning and hydration strategies to optimise performance and energy levels throughout the 12 weeks.

With our structured and supportive preparation framework, you'll gain the knowledge, skills, and community support needed to tackle this trail event. This holistic approach ensures you're ready in every aspect, from the starting line at the geyser to the forest finish, making your race experience not only successful but truly memorable.



Your Program Building Blocks 

Run Programming

Experience a gradual and safe progression in your training with our proven system designed to prevent injuries and optimise your performance. Our program combines a variety of training sessions, including base mile, speed, hill, threshold, active recovery sessions, and long runs workouts. 

Weekly Trail Time

Elevate your experience  with our weekly episodes covering essential topics. From technique and gear to support systems, recovery, and safety, we provide valuable insights to enrich your trail journey and apply its wisdom in your everyday routine. 


Run Specific Strength

Build strength, resilience, and longevity with our weekly 30-60 minute at-home strength videos. Activate, stabilise, and train your body through targeted exercises that enhance your running performance and help prevent injuries. 


Mobility Session

Enhance your body's mobility and unlock its full range of motion with our weekly 15-40 minute mobility sessions. Address imbalances, combat physical stress, and alleviate fatigue as you give your body the freedom to move and perform at its best.


Coaching Support

Our weekly coaching sessions provide a dedicated space to address your progress, challenges, and modifications. We believe in the power of personalised support, and our coaches are here to guide you through your journey, offering valuable insights and motivation. Whether you need advice on adjusting your training plan, overcoming obstacles, or getting back on track, we're committed to helping you reach your goals.


Community Platform

A place where you'll find unwavering support, guidance, and inspiration from coaches and fellow Her Trail Members. Join a network of incredible women who are balancing daily responsibilities while pursuing their goals, building resilience, self-reliance, and inner strength. Together, we'll uplift and empower each other on this transformative trail running journey.


Life Hub & Expert Team

Empower yourself on your trail running journey with the Her Trails Life Hub. Our expert team is here to provide comprehensive support across multiple areas, including physical therapy, nutrition guidance, and women's health resources. This spans from during our coaching class and via the Life Hub, which is a growing repository of resources. 


Weekly Newsletter

Stay informed and inspired on your half marathon training journey with our weekly newsletter, designed to support and uplift you every step of the way. Each edition is packed with valuable insights, including detailed explanations of the upcoming training sessions, key focus areas for the week, and targeted advice to help you optimise your performance and training journey.


This program is for you if these words resonate

For the adventurous souls, multitasking mothers, journey starters, and dedicated runners, Her Trails is here to support and empower you on your trailblazing path.

Our expertise lies in merging your passion with a proven process. We focus on establishing intelligent and sustainable habits that foster consistency and facilitate long-term growth. 




"Her Trails has been the place where I’ve found my way back to play. Thank you Sam and Bec for all the love, support and patience. From feeling overwhelmed by the prospect  of finishing Park Run - to finding so much fun in spending the day on the trails!"


"It's hard to believe that 12 weeks ago I'd well and truly fallen out of love with running! Today was my third 20+ km run in a month and also a half mara PB. Feeling all sorts of chuffed and all sorts of grateful for this program and community! What a bloody brilliant tribe!"


"Ta Da!! I made it - just! What an exhilarating experience running up, down, in, out, and around our beautiful island, Aotea. Throughout the journey, I often thought of you all, grateful for the constant instruction, support, enthusiasm, and sheer gusto! This program has been truly transformative, proving how brilliant life can be at 70 years young. With this achievement under my belt, I can't help but wonder, what's next on the horizon?"


"I ran my first ever trail race last weekend, 25km, 1200m elevation. I finished 3rd in the women and 14th overall with a time of 3 hours 20mins. This exceeded all my expectations.  Thank you so much Bec and Sam for this program and journey and everyone in this group for being part of this great little community. It has been so lovely and inspiring watching everyone's journeys. Happy trail days!"


"This race, my 21st half marathon, stands as a testament to my dedication and growth. With the milestone of turning 40, I am thrilled to have achieved my fastest time ever, feeling stronger and faster than ever before. I must humbly admit that the inclusion of speed work and strength training has truly paid off. It is a remarkable journey that I would never have accomplished on my own."

(Glenn ~ half marathon program finisher)


Upfront Payment


price in AUD

  • $30 per week (excluding GST)
  • 12 Weekly Building Blocks (as above)
  • Available worldwide
  • Available anytime
  • Non-refundable after 7 days
  • Price is GST inclusive

Monthly Payment (3)


price in AUD

  • $32 per week (excluding GST)
  • 12 Weekly Building Blocks
  • Available worldwide
  • Available anytime
  • Non-refundable after 7 days
  • Price is GST inclusive


Her Trails Member Offer


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  • Offer ONLY available to Her Trails Members
  • Available worldwide 
  • Available anytime
  • Non-refundable
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