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Surf Coast Century Relay Runner - 12 Week Program

Begins 1 July

Teaming up for the Surf Coast Century relay as part of a dynamic team of four? Her Trails has tailored this 12-week training program just for you!

This program is specifically designed for SCC relay runners ready to conquer the diverse and stunning terrain of the Great Ocean Road region of Victoria. This carefully crafted program will ensure that you are strong, fit and prepared to navigate the this diverse and beautiful coastal course. 

Her Trails: Team Training for the Relay Challenge

Our program kicks off with a foundational phase of 2 weeks, focusing on building a solid base for each team member. This is followed by a 10-week targeted phase aimed at enhancing endurance, strength, and teamwork, with exercises and routines designed to meet the relay's unique challenges.

Holistic Training for a Unified Team

Understanding that a successful relay team thrives on more than just individual fitness, our approach includes strength training, mobility exercises, and yoga, alongside mindset coaching tailored to foster team cohesion and mental resilience. This comprehensive training ensures your team is not only physically prepared but also mentally aligned for the Surf Coast Century relay.

Joining Her Trails connects your team with a community of supportive and like-minded groups, all sharing the same goal of crossing the finish line stronger together.

Beyond Individual Running

A relay race introduces unique challenges, including synchronized training and nutrition strategies that work for all team members. Our experienced coaches provide guidance on optimizing team performance through effective fueling, recovery practices, and injury prevention techniques, ensuring your team remains healthy, motivated, and ready to tackle each leg of the race.

Confidence at the Starting Line

With Her Trails, you will stand at the starting line of the Surf Coast Century relay with confidence and unity. Our program equips you with the knowledge, strength, and team spirit needed to have a fantastic day out on course. 

Ready for the Relay Challenge

Embrace the Surf Coast Century relay and discover the collective power of shared goals and achievements. Her Trails invites you and your team mates to join us in preparing for one of Australia's most scenic and rewarding relay races.

Join us to transform individual efforts into an unforgettable team accomplishment on one of the most beautiful race courses in Australia.

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Your Program Building Blocks 

Run Programming

Experience a gradual and safe progression in your training with our proven system designed to prevent injuries and optimise your performance. Our program combines a variety of training sessions, including base mile, speed, hill, threshold, active recovery sessions, and long runs workouts. 

Weekly Trail Time

Elevate your experience  with our weekly episodes covering essential topics. From technique and gear to support systems, recovery, and safety, we provide valuable insights to enrich your trail journey and apply its wisdom in your everyday routine. 


Run Specific Strength

Build strength, resilience, and longevity with our weekly 30-60 minute at-home strength videos. Activate, stabilise, and train your body through targeted exercises that enhance your running performance and help prevent injuries. 


Mobility Session

Enhance your body's mobility and unlock its full range of motion with our weekly 15-50 minute mobility sessions. Address imbalances, combat physical stress, and alleviate fatigue as you give your body the freedom to move and perform at its best.


Coaching Support

Our weekly coaching sessions provide a dedicated space to address your progress, challenges, and modifications. We believe in the power of personalised support, and our coaches are here to guide you through your journey, offering valuable insights and motivation. Whether you need advice on adjusting your training plan, overcoming obstacles, or getting back on track, we're committed to helping you reach your goals.


Community Platform

A place where you'll find unwavering support, guidance, and inspiration from coaches and fellow Her Trail Members. Join a network of incredible women who are balancing daily responsibilities while pursuing their goals, building resilience, self-reliance, and inner strength. Together, we'll uplift and empower each other on this transformative trail running journey.


Life Hub & Expert Team

Empower yourself on your trail running journey with the Her Trails Life Hub. Our expert team is here to provide comprehensive support across multiple areas, including physical therapy, nutrition guidance, and women's health resources. This spans from during our coaching class and via the Life Hub, which is a growing repository of resources. 


Weekly Newsletter

Stay informed and inspired on your ultra training journey with our weekly newsletter, designed to support and uplift you every step of the way. Each edition is packed with valuable insights, including detailed explanations of the upcoming training sessions, key focus areas for the week, and targeted advice to help you optimise your performance and training journey.


This program is for you if these words resonate

For the adventurous souls, multitasking mothers, journey starters, and dedicated runners, Her Trails is here to support and empower you on your trailblazing path.

Our expertise lies in merging your passion with a proven process. We focus on establishing intelligent and sustainable habits that foster consistency and facilitate long-term growth. 




"Hello awesome Coaches ūüôĆūüŹľ I can't believe it's Week 18 and UTA50 is around the corner!!!! I don't recognise this runner I've become! I've gained so many skills through the program and pushed through the fears of hills and anything to do with speed training lol... When I started running last September I never imagined I'd be running these volumes - I'm completely hooked on trail running! THANK YOU for all the guidance, support, and community!"


'Over the past year or so I’ve discovered the joy of trail running through Her Trails, and at this point I think I’ve completed all the programs you have created! Thanks again for all the great advice, support and encouragement - I wouldn’t be running wild without you!'


""What an epic 20 weeks I've just been on. I didn't know if it would be possible. I am a busy mom of three, and finding balance in life has always been a challenge. The Her Trails 50km program has been a game-changer for me. It has taught me how to manage my time and energy effectively while pursuing my passion for running. The support from the coaching team and the uplifting community at Her Trails has been invaluable. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for guidance and a supportive community in their running journey."


"I just want to express my gratitude to the amazing Her trails team. I am so so happy to have discovered Her trails and have loved every aspect of the last 20weeks.

The race yesterday exceeded all my expectations and was the perfect race for me. Throughout the whole race I had this unwavering belief that I could cope with anything and finish and it was because of the training program and all the mindset, breathing and nutrition advice I soaked up along the way.

Thanks to you guys I had strategies to combat the nerves at the start, discipline to keep my pace early and strong intention to remain calm throughout.

Your expertise, your infectious positivity and down to earth nature is just so engaging and welcoming."

Words from Lyndal


"I've been part of the HerTrails community for over 2.5 years now, and I'm continuously amazed at how each program exceeds the last.

What stands out for me is not the focus on achieving specific times or distances, but rather the emphasis on cultivating a holistic approach to training.

The sense of community within Her Trails is unparalleled. It's a supportive, empowering, and inclusive network that truly enhances the overall experience..."



SCC Relay Program - Upfront Payment


price in AUD

  • $33 per week (excluding GST)
  • 12 Weekly¬†Program Blocks
  • Available worldwide
  • Available anytime
  • Non-refundable after 7 days
  • Price is GST inclusive

SCC Relay Program - 3 Monthly Payment


price in AUD

  • $36 per week (excluding GST)
  • 12 Weekly Blocks
  • Available worldwide
  • In choosing this option you are committing to 3 payments.¬†Non-refundable after 7 days.
  • Price is GST inclusive

SCC Relay - Her Trails Member Offer


price in AUD

  • Offer ONLY available to Her Trails members

  • 12 Weekly¬†Program Blocks

  • Available Worldwide¬†

  • Non-refundable

  • GST Inclusive



Her Trails Membership + Option to purchase SCC Relay Program at Member Price


price in AUD

Membership + Program $682

Option to purchase SCC Relay, 12 week program at special member price of $110 - SAVE $286

  • Community,¬†strength, mobility, pilates, yoga, member-only HT hat, discounts and more.¬†Full details here.
  • Available worldwide,¬†anytime
  • Non-refundable & GST inclusive