$220.00 AUD

Terms and Conditions: Please note that our program is non-refundable after 7 days from the date of payment. To request a refund within this timeframe, please send an email to [email protected] with your refund request and relevant details. We understand that circumstances may change, and we will do our best to assist you within this specified period.

Kosci 27 (14 week program) - annual member offer

Introducing the Her Trails training program designed specifically for Kosci 27 over 14-weeks (inclusive of a free 2 week prime to build phase)

This $220 discount offer is exclusively available to Her Trails Annual Members.

Here's what you can expect from this 14-week block:

→ Carefully structured run sessions: You'll engage in 4-6 run sessions per week, strategically designed to gradually build your endurance and mental resilience for the Kosci 27 race. Our expert coaches will guide you through each session, ensuring your progress is safe and steady towards your ultra marathon goal.

→ Strength for runners workout: Once a week, you'll participate in a tailored workout specifically designed to enhance your trail running performance and endurance. These workouts focus on developing the strength, power, and stability necessary to conquer the rugged terrain of the Kosci 27 course.

→ Mobility and yoga sessions: Emphasising flexibility, range of motion, and body alignment, you'll have 1-2 mobility and yoga sessions per week. Through targeted exercises, you'll optimise your body's mobility, reduce the risk of injuries, and improve your trail running efficiency.

→ Access to the Life Hub: As a participant, you'll gain exclusive access to our comprehensive online resource hub, the Life Hub. It provides a wealth of valuable information, including nutrition and hydration strategies, physical therapy resources, women's specific content, and more. The Life Hub is your go-to resource for training support and overall well-being.

→ Weekly episodes with Coach Sam: Coach Sam will host weekly episodes to provide mindset training, insights, and practical tips. You'll learn how to overcome obstacles, stay motivated, and develop the mental fortitude needed for the Kosci 27 ultra distance.

→ Integrated coaching from Her Trails coaches: Engage in live weekly coaching sessions where you can interact with our experienced coaches. Seek guidance, ask questions, and receive personalised feedback tailored to your unique needs and goals for this event. Our dedicated coaches will support you throughout your journey, addressing any concerns and helping you optimise your training specifically for the Kosci 27 course.

→ Invitation to a community group: Connect with a supportive community of like-minded runners who are on the same journey. In this group, you'll find encouragement, accountability, and a space to share experiences, triumphs, and challenges as you work towards your ultra marathon goal on the iconic Kosci 27 course.

→ Nutrition support: Fueling and hydration play a critical role in ultra marathon performance. Our programme includes valuable guidance on nutrition strategies, pre-race and post-race fueling, on-the-trail nutrition options, and hydration techniques to optimise your performance.

→ Physical therapy guidance: To prioritise injury prevention and recovery, our programme incorporates guidance from experienced physical therapists specialising in working with ultra runners. You'll receive expert advice on injury prevention exercises and techniques to address common issues.