$220.00 AUD


Her Trails x 8-Week Adventure Fit Program

Introducing the Her Trails x 8-Week Adventure Fit Program, a transformative experience designed to ignite your spirit of adventure and unleash your inner strength in the great outdoors.

This holistic program combines the below to have you physically and mentally prepared, and embrace the wild with confidence. 

→ hike specific programming

→ strength training

→ yoga and mobility sessions

→ wilderness and adventure skills 

access to our Her Trails x Life Hub: a growing platform of resources curated to support HER (on physical therapy, mindset, blogs, trail tips, nutrition, meditation, etc)

Our expert coaches and resources will guide you through a comprehensive training plan, tailored specifically for adventurous souls like you. You'll learn essential outdoor skills, improve your physical fitness, and cultivate a mindset of fearlessness.

The Adventure Fit Program isn't just about conquering mountains; it's about embracing the journey and becoming the best version of yourself.