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Her Trails x UTA 22km 16-week program - member offer



  • Expertly customised training program for UTA
  • NEXT LEVEL comprehensive and holistic event preparation 
  • Exclusive Workshops, Strategies & premium merch
  • A community of supportive, epic, adventure chasing women!

Embrace the challenge. We’re with you every step of the way!

* this offer is for our Annual Members **

Here's what makes our program unique and tailored to the UTA 22km distance:

→ Customised training plans: Our expert coaches have carefully crafted training plans that are specific to the demands of the Ultra Trail Australia 22km course in the Blue Mountains. You'll follow a structured program that gradually builds your endurance, incorporates elevation training, and prepares you for the technical terrain you'll encounter during the race.

→ Elevation and mountain-specific training: Even though the 22km distance is shorter than the longer ultra distances, the Ultra Trail Australia course still features significant elevation gain and rugged sections. Our program includes specialised elevation training sessions to help you develop the necessary strength, power, and endurance to embrace the climbs and descents of the course.

→ Course simulation sessions: To familiarise you with the race conditions, we've incorporated course simulation sessions into the program. These sessions will allow you to practice on sections of the Ultra Trail Australia 22km course, helping you gain confidence, refine your race strategy, and mentally prepare for race day.

→ Nutrition and hydration strategies for the race: Our program includes specific guidance on race-day nutrition and hydration strategies tailored to the Ultra Trail Australia 22km distance. You'll receive valuable insights on fuelling, hydration, and recovery techniques to optimise your performance during the race and ensure you are adequately prepared for the demands of the event.

→ Mental resilience and race strategy: Even in shorter distances, mental resilience and effective race strategy are crucial. Throughout the program, our expert coaches will provide mindset training, share insights, and offer practical tips to help you overcome mental obstacles, stay motivated, and develop race-specific strategies that align with the unique nature of the Ultra Trail Australia 22km distance.

→ Integrated coaching support: Our experienced coaching team will provide personalised support and guidance throughout the program. You'll have access to live weekly coaching sessions where you can interact with our coaches, receive feedback, ask questions, and address any concerns specific to your preparation for the Ultra Trail Australia 22km distance.

→ Community support and camaraderie: In addition to our coaching support, you'll join a dedicated community of Ultra Trail Australia participants. Connect with like-minded runners who are training for the same race, share experiences, exchange tips, and find inspiration within a supportive and encouraging community.

We're here to guide you, empower you, and help you push your limits as you strive to achieve your goals in this epic event.