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Buffalo Stampede - Bright Ultra 100 (20 week program) - monthly payments

Your adventure begins here! 

Whether you're a seasoned trail runner, an experienced marathoner, or eager to push your boundaries in ultra and skyrunning, our comprehensive 20-week program is engineered to prepare you for the unique challenges of this event.

Here's what you can expect from this transformative program:

4-6 carefully structured run sessions per week, methodically enhancing your endurance and mental grit for the Buffalo Stampede. Our expert coaches will accompany you through each session, ensuring a secure and steady advance towards your skyrunning goals.

1 strength for runners workout per week, strategically configured to elevate your ultra-running performance and resilience. These workouts emphasise the strength, power, and stability crucial for the variable, mountainous terrain of the Buffalo Stampede course.

1-2 mobility and yoga sessions per week aimed at increasing your flexibility, range of motion, and overall body alignment. These targeted exercises will maximise your body's mobility, mitigate injury risk, and boost your skyrunning efficiency.

Access to our comprehensive Life Hub, an online resource hub. Covering everything from nutrition and hydration plans to physical therapy and women-specific content, you'll discover a treasure of essential information to supplement your training and well-being.

Integrated coaching from our Her Trails team. Partake in live weekly coaching sessions to engage with our experts, ask queries, and receive personalised feedback tailored specifically for the Buffalo Stampede. Our Her Trails coaches are committed to aiding you at every juncture, tackling any issues and refining your training for this demanding race.

Invitation to a dedicated community group specifically for our Her Trails program participants. Join a supportive network of like-minded runners on the same adventurous path. Within this community, you'll find inspiration, accountability, and a forum to exchange experiences, victories, and setbacks as you strive towards your ultra aspirations.

Nutrition support: Proper fuelling and hydration are pivotal in ultra-runnung. Our program offers invaluable guidelines on nutrition strategies from our qualified Her Trails dietician, Amanda Watts. 

Physical therapy guidance: Acknowledging the significance of injury prevention and recovery in skyrunning, our program includes advice from seasoned physical therapists specialized in treating ultra-runners. You'll gain access to expert tips on preventive exercises and techniques to manage common physical challenges.

This program is:

🌟 Comprehensive and balanced, encompassing all key components needed to ready you for the challenges of the Buffalo Stampede 100km. We extend our focus beyond just physical preparation to include mental fortitude, injury prevention, nutrition, and holistic well-being.

🌍 Available globally.

🤝 Committed to nurturing a robust community. We encourage interaction among participants, generating a space ripe for motivation, mutual support, and enduring friendships. Collectively, we will celebrate successes, navigate hurdles, and inspire one another to master the 100km distance.


What People Are Saying:

I just want to express my gratitude to the amazing Her trails team. I am so so happy to have discovered Her trails and have loved every aspect of the last 20weeks. The race yesterday exceeded all my expectations and was the perfect race for me. Throughout the whole race I had this unwavering belief that I could cope with anything and finish and it was because of the training program and all the mindset, breathing and nutrition advice I soaked up along the way. Thanks to you guys I had strategies to combat the nerves at the start, discipline to keep my pace early and strong intention to remain calm throughout. Seeing Sam and Harry along the way was incredibly uplifting and the course tips were so helpful. All this enabled me to enjoy the whole experience which was my number one goal but also in stark contrast to previous races where I’ve blown up, had GI issues and generally hated life. Your expertise, your infectious positivity and down to earth nature is just so engaging and welcoming. I love that I have found a tribe of women who love running in the mountains as much as I do, but even more than that, because of Her trails I have found me, I’ve found the person I want to be outside of a mum, wife and my job and I am so happy. I’ve told everyone I know about Her trails because it’s honestly been life changing for me and I want all the women around me to be able to experience it. I am still enjoying a massive runners high and can’t wait to get back on the trails. Thank you so much again, bring on UTA 2024

Amy - from our UTA 50km program